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Banned for reasoning against complaints that Robocop can't jump in games on the basis that white men can't jump and completely ignoring the quarter-ton mech suit.
^ banned for expecting Hollywood and the gaming industry to respect the Laws of Physics and probability
Banned for trying to lecture me on proposition II of the Modigliani-Miller theorem. I may be drunk but i'm not illiterate!!
Banned for being illegitimate.

LegoDnD: ^ Banned for loving the Robocop cartoon because he works in a mall.
Banned for confusing RoboCop with Paul Blart.
^ banned for considering, "blart" to be an onomatopoeia
^ banned for being Paul Blart while wearing a Santa hat
Banned for casting a child as a mob boss in Robocop 2.
^ banned for casting a child as a mob boss in Cowboy Bebop
Banned for mandating way too much smoking in both Cowboy Bebop and Blade Runner.
^ Banned for not leaving a 12 star review on the Raw Fury Goodies Pack
(like our wise and benevolent internet overlards require of us)
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^ Banned for having an outdated sense of fashion while time traveling to the 16th century.
Banned because I don't know what you expect of a TV-hat which looks painful to wear.
Banned because there is no TV hat, that does not look silly.
Banned because what do you call an armada of wingless jumping insects?

A Fleat.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha... Someone please make me their apprentice for punship. I feel like my puns kinda suck. T^T
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^ Banned for disliking Larian sweeping TGA 2023 with 6 Awards for Baldur's Gate III