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Banned for not joining the Dark Brotherhood.
Banned for not joining the Light Brotherhood.
^ banned for not joining the Light Brigade
Banned because I could only shake my head as I witnessed what happened there.
Banned for not handling more sad anime with your heart.
^ banned, because when it comes to cutting out your heart, I gotta hand it to ya
Banned for doing a "Kali Ma" on your younger sister.
Banned because I'm not gonna even try to search for what that means on the internet.
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Banned for never watching the movie that invented PG-13.
^ Banned for liking RoboCop 3 (movie) b/c it was PG-13.
Banned for liking the Robocop mini-series for looking cheap as hell.
^ Banned for NOT wanting RoboCop: Rogue City over here on GOG.
^ banned for not doing the RoboCop and dancing till you drop
^ Banned for loving the Robocop cartoon because he works in a mall.
Banned for having RoboCop promote korean fried chicken and KFC
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