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^Banned because that wizard which was chosen was a fraud and not even able to read a horoscope correctly.
It's actually a long story, involves a funeral, three cats, a lonely king ona a throne made of skulls (edit: and obviously something to hold them together), magic jellybeans, an owl, 46 hamburgers, a Microsoft Kinect controller and a love affair with one of the two parties not being human, but the short story is: he failed miserably and the outcome was devastating.
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Banned because okay, that's just not fair. =3=
^ banned for not finally coming to the realization that life is, quite simply, not fair
Banned because life at least has a renaissance fair, which I can't go to because I don't have a costume.
Banned for cowardice, I visited a Renaissance fair without a costume and bought a sheath for my home-made sword.
Banned in place of Lovstrelfra, for all of the excessively long posts; SERIOUSLY, I just don't have time to read all of that!
Banned for having a hectic schedule.
^ banned for not pondering the fact that if The Renaissance Fair were free, it would be no fare to anyone

Besides, if you come to Todd Mission Texas, I will meet you there and pay for your way in. Also, I will buy you roasted turkey legs and we can watch the Ded Bob Show.
Indeed, the same Ded Bob does shows in other states as well.
Banned because I appreciate the offer. I'll keep that in mind if I take a trip to Texas.

Edit: Ded Bob is hilarious.
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^ Banned for visiting a Renaissance Fair.
Banned because I passed by a blacksmith, pointed at his electric torch, and said, "UMMM, modern technology!"
Banned because I passed out by my local blacksmith once, and it was tons of fun.

Unseen39: Oh so the gog moderators don't control dumbass spam like this either? Just like the steam forums, god gaming is full of terrible lazy moderation. You don't even enforce a tos you let idiots run wild.
Banned for calling people idiots for playing a forum game in a thread labeled as a "Forum game".
Banned for laboring under the illusion that you belong in a smarter half of the global population.
Banned for trying to control the enforcement of rules without understanding of said rules whatsoever.

BANNED for triggering me and making me post even though I swore to myself not to post in this thread anymore.
Banned for loading a fighter jet with ban ordnance, and carpet banning Unseen39 with cluster bans.
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^ banned for not responding to the user who posted above him thusly:

"The individual (or individuals) responsible for the post directly preceding that of my own, should be banned for posting a cogent thought which, although actually well-reasoned and insightful, is directed at one whose mental acuity is grossly insufficient to comprehend it and reply with the perspicacity to respond appropriately."
Banned because your rules are even worse than those of Tutti Frutti and those were ... bad.