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^ banned for spooning a man
Banned for getting spooned by an armadillo.
Banned for ordering that armadillo to spoon Hooyaah.
Banned for selling a hobo disguised as an armadillo to Lego.
Banned because I was just making a Big Bang Theory reference.
Banned because I was, and am just banning you.
Banned for referencing the Big Ban.
Banned for not elaborating on the story of the Big Ban. Don't worry, I'll do it. Long ago, the great ancestors of this forum called the "Banrians" had banned a powerful group called the "Banneds" to a remote island unknown to the rest of the world but themselves. The knowledge of this place's whereabouts was passed down from generation to generation until now. That said, the forum users of the present have neglected their duties and used their power to irresponsibly ban whoever they like. As a result to this, the Banneds have increased in number and took over the island as they retaliated and forced the guards stationed on that island to surrender. Not long after, they had hijacked the ships docked on that island and made their way here. This, was later known as the event of the "Big Ban".

Funny enough, once they've reached shore, they immediately went straight to the forum council and told everyone in the room that they won't break any more rules, as long as they are just. In addition to that, they also suggested the formation of a forum game where people are free to participate in banning the person right before them, with no real consequence whatsoever. Everyone was surprised at this dramatic turn of events, but still decided to go along with it because it was believed such a forum game wouldn't hurt anybody.
Banned for having an imagination.
Banned because that is no imagination! It's true!
Banned because what are we even doing in this insane place?
Banned because I don't know LegoDnD.. I don't know...
Banned because the thing I like most about Robin and Batgirl is their little capes are adorable.
Banned for trying desperately to look at Batman's butt with the cape in the way to "prove" women are "objectified" in games, when you could have selected the Batman Beyond skin to remove the cape.
Banned because I switched to a new hard drive and tried to re-download the nude Batman mod for Arkham Knight, but it was removed from the website.