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^ banned for being a bot faking to be an actual forumite
Banned for thinking a forumite is an inhabitant of fora.
Banned because I'll be gone fora while. I'll be watching Game of Death.
Banned because Game of Death is only like 40 minutes long.
Banned because that explains why I'm back so soon.
^ banned for being back too soon.
Banned because I'm trying to compensate for being late.
^ banned for over compensating
Banned for overconstipating.
^ banned for erroneously thinking that your post was a smooth move
Banned for making "Smooth Criminal" the big musical number (to establish the villain's motive) in your big comic book adaption that is otherwise not a musical.
^ banned for mentioning musicals.
Banned because outside Disney princesses, Little Shop of Horrors is the only one I like.
^banned for not feeding that mean green mother from outher space.

Btw, try Avenue Q.
^ Banned for being a menace to south central while drinking his juice in the hood.