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^ banned for giggling when I poked your tummy
Banned because whenever a sentence starts with a P in the one word posts, all of the words seem to begin with P.

neumi5694: ^banned for being casted as the new Duracell mascot, replacing their pink bunny.
Banned because it's the Energizer bunny.
HeresMyAccount: Banned because it's the Energizer bunny.
^Banned because
Banned for stuffing AA batteries up a rabbit's hole and expecting it to start marching.
^ banned for jamming an M-80 up a rabbit's tookus and not expecting fireworks
^ When I mentioned it last, Hooyaah pretended to not know what I meant with "cat-silencer on a shotgun" because he thinks the other boys will make fun of him for playing Postal 2.

And he's banned for feeling this misplaced shame.
Post edited June 01, 2023 by LegoDnD
^ banned for thinking that the use of a SilencerCo Salvo 12 is more important than using a 2oz, 12 gauge slug, firing for effect
Banned for referring to Santa Claus as "Sanctimonious Claus"
^Banned because Sanctimonious actually doesn't like his shortened nickname.
Banned for assuming that it should.
Banned for assuming neumi5694's assumptions to be presumptuous. I'm sorry, I don't know what I'm even saying.
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Banned, because I'm not sure that you're aware of yourself whether you're awake or not.
^banned for not existing.
Banned because zombies are just humans trapped on the other side trying to tell their loved ones that they still exist.
Banned because there are subtler ways to inform people of your existence than devouring them.