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^ banned because instead of bringing it down, your brought this thread up
Banned for bringing up that fact.

J Lo: Banned for not bowing before my butter god.
Banned because when I first read that, I thought you said "bowling", and then I wondered why a god would require people to bowl with him.
Banned, because that's how meteor strikes happen.
Banned for not reporting your findings on meteors in a scientific journal.
^ banned for not having a meatier ban than that
^Banned for banning meat and buying veggie chicken wings instead.
^ banned for preparing meatless lasagna... what's up with that, anyway?
Banned because there's going to be a Barbie movie. That's way stranger to me than meatless lasagna.
^ banned for being an Aqua-loving Barbie Girl
^banned for calling Doctor Jones instead.
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Banned for calling Doctor Who... no, seriously, Doctor Who?
Banned for doctoring your own photo so it looks nondescript.
Banned because it's 2023 and I still can't wait while enemies are nearby.
^ banned, because if you cannot wait, you need to wear Depends
Banned for not liking Steven Seagal