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^banned because that's a reason to ban THEM, not the poster before you.
Banned because I'm telling Uncle Phil. He's going to get pretty mad.
^ banned for foregoing what should have been gone for
Banned for breaking wind before going.
Banned for using broken wind to cut the cheese.
^ banned, because the grater the cheese the less the block
Banned, because Swiss cheese is so wholesome.
Banned because Norwegian cheese is better.
^ banned, because it's not easy being cheesy
^ Banned because it's hard to eat lard.
^ banned, because you butter believe it
Banned because I don't believe it's butter.
Banned for not bowing before my butter god.
Banned for being Butters as Marjorine
Post edited May 27, 2023 by Hooyaah
Banned because my Down's Syndrome cat is the Butteriest of Buds, just like both Downs-kitties before him.