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^ banned because...

Banned to prove you wrong.
^ banned because Vinry_ was apparently mistaken... I shall have his brass clusters for this!
Banned, because to Vinry, the banning ends when he sees nobody around to ban anymore.
Banned because I want to be the last ban standing.
^banned for having the last ban standing in Patchesi.
Post edited May 25, 2023 by neumi5694
Banned for being the only real zombie in a zombie walk event.
Banned because he's also the only good zombie, too.
^ banned for not defining what a "good zombie" is
Banned because it comes down to subjective qualities.
^ banned for employing objectivity subjectively
Banned for subjecting people to objects with which you hit them.
Banned because how else are you supposed to rob a bank?
^ banned because your last name is Banks and you named your first son "Rob"
Banned because I have a cousin named Carlton, and another one named Will.