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Banned because when Ash left the Pokemon series, it felt like I was kicked in the pokeballs.
Banned because Ash was 17 in X/Y, as proven by all the passage of time throughout the series..
Everyone's banned for talking about Pokemon.
^ banned for also mentioning the "P word"
Banned for listening to Prince instead of Michael Jackson.
Banned for selling the personal data of the citizens of New Donk City to red China.
Banned for hosting underground Mario Kart races in the streets of New Donk City, causing traffic jams and banana peel hazards.
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^Banned for waving the flag to start these races while wearing skimpy lederhosen.
^ banned for flying false flags
Banned because waving white flags is very popular. I think it means victory or something.
^ banned for waving the black flag thinking that it supports civil rights or some such
Banned for not listening to Black Flag.
^ banned for using RAID instead of any other insecticide
Banned because raid is bad for hard drives because it corrupts data.
^ banned for using bleach on your "bits"