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Banned because romance is a matter of perspective.
Banned for romancing the stone
Banned for romance of the three kingdoms.
Banned for romancing kings stoned.
Post edited January 30, 2023 by neumi5694
^ banned for nefarious activities within this humble forum
Banned because Humble doesn't have a forum. I checked.
^ banned for not knowing this from that
Banned for not knowing tit from tat.
^ banned for exposing the fact, that after my girlfriend, Tatiana, recently showed her evil side, she shall have no breast "augmentation" on my coin... yes there will be no tit for "Tat"
Banned because you never know when a woman will respond to perfect manners and reasonable defiance with attempts at ruining your livelihood, so you might as well become a hermit.
Banned for not being included with Game Pass.
Banned because all of Xbox is beneath me.
Banned because Sony is above you and Nintendo is beside you.
Banned for having clowns to the left of you jokers to the right
Banned for getting an army of circus performers to attack me.