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Banned for refusing to be the test subject.

EDIT: Banned for being a ninja. Unbanned because thank you. *blushes*
Post edited December 04, 2022 by Vinry_.
Banned for blushing.
Banned for not flushing the toilet.
Banned for discovering after you filled it that the toilet is broken, and dumping the contents out the window instead.
Banned for not carrying an umbrella when that happened. Sorry!!
^ banned, because an officer or your rank should not make such mistakes
Banned because banning officers are also human. *.* <-- That's the face people make when they try to convince the other party with their big cute eyes.
^ banned for missing the other party and only attending the current one
Banned for being festive then not attending any party.
Banned for banning for party-evasion, which is the right of every introvert.
Banned for tax evasion.
Banned for tax avoision.
Banned because Status Quo says you're in the army now.
Banned because I was dishonorably discharged.
And you're therefore banned for it.