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Banned because I'd rather leave the bottom jaw hanging there.
^ banned from the enlisted forum posters and promoted to the upper brass forum posters for his imagery and panache
Banned because as much as I like the original Tron movie, I still think that its sequel, Tron: Legacy, is way too underrated. I mean it doesn't even feel like it's a Disney movie.

I feel like I'm starting to turn into the second J Lo, where my bans are slowly becoming more and more unrelated to the user above me lol.

P.S.: This song never gets old.
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Banned, for not dealing with J Lo permanently. And unbanned, because you might be my favorite forum poster. Easily top 5.
Banned for not knowing how to count.
Banned because if by Count you mean to become a European nobleman, then I'm sure not many people can do it too.
Banned for not even knowing what Math is.
^ banned for not knowing that the plural for math in British English is "maths," while in American English it is commonly referred to as "math"
Banned for referring to a single concept as plural, that doesn't make any sense.
Banned and dealt with. Permanently that is.
^ banned for not knowing that Americans and the British are people separated by a common language; that fact cannot be blamed on me
Banned for being separated by a court order.
Banned for calling InSaint's post a court order, which would make it illegal for me to defy it the way I do here.
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Banned for criminal behavior.
Banned for being a law-abiding citizen.