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Banned because I think some insects are faster by ratio of their length.
Banned, because birds are faster. They're not slowed down by ground obstacles.
Banned because you know what's faster? My fart.
Banned because you better be faster than my gun, better outrun my bullet!
Banned because your bullets better be faster than my sword cutting skill. All the opponents I've encountered have run out of ammo before they could even land a single shot at me.
^ banned because a live grenade just landed between your feet and I'm holding its pin
Banned for not disposing of the pin; that's evidence!
^ banned for pinning this thread as your favorite topic
Banned for pinning your opponent in the squared circle.
Banned because circles can't possibly be squared, since they don't have corners, with the exception of pie are squared.
Banned for circling around the delicious brain pie that was served at the geometrical center of Trafalgar Suare, then cutting out a portion with a opening angle of 24.7° using a triangular pie cutter and eating it, thereby ruining the full integration of pie into my stomach.
Post edited November 28, 2022 by neumi5694
^ banned for trying to derail this topic into one of geometry and food
Banned for thinking he failed. Square cookies go in my round mouth just fine!
Banned for not telling the whole story. You're eating tiny square cookies!
Banned because size is relative; those square cookies are too big to go in baby mouths.