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Banned for exposing the brain to electricity by connecting electrons with neurons.
^ banned for not understanding how electricity actually functions
Banned because the brain is an electro-chemical organ. And the heart is an electro-mechnical organ.
^ banned for being a veritable organic electrochemical virtuoso who failed as a journeyman electrician
Banned for being the time traveler who failed The Journeyman Project.
Banned for being the time traveler who doesn't move from place to place, only from time to time.
Banned because when time travelling, a location and time are the same thing.
Banned for confusing space with time.
Ahaha what a thread! Okay then banned for posts)
^ banned for traveling through time,
and traveling through space,
to ban some one,
in this sad place
Banned because you need to be stopped. You're too good!
Banned because you need to be started. You're too bad! (though actually, I suppose you already started).
Banned for not paying attention to the race. Hooyaah just overtook your position, and this is already the last lap!
Banned because he cheated, and you know it!
Banned for not knowing that cheetahs are the fastest.