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^ banned, because not all anime songs are happy
Banned because why do bounty hunters in real life look so boring compared to the ones in fiction?.. *sighs while resting my chin on a table*
Banned because "Dr. D" David Schultz looks exactly like in fiction.
Banned for not watching the match between the World Wrestling Federation and the World Wildlife Fund and the panda winning the fight.
Banned because I just found something so stupid, yet so awesome!
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^ banned for trying to bait me into clicking on something so awesomely stupid
Banned for stubbornly refusing to take the bait.
Banned for getting a hook caught through your cheek.
^ banned for being reeled in
Banned for being really into it.
Banned for not knowing that Legos are not edible, not even the ones made to look like food.
^ banned for posting that just after eating an Eggo waffle made from Legos
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Banned for washing it down with Tinker Toys.
^ banned for eating Twinkie The Kid's cupcakes
^ Banned for animating Twinkie the Kid's movements in Sausage Party.