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^ banned because my dog just left a pile of what you are full of
Banned because Apple put dog crap in my itunes library. How do I get this garbage out of my list? I don't even like U2 (the band).

Edit: I managed to get rid of it, but I bricked the program.
u2.png (69 Kb)
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Banned because thank you, now I'm looking up Yasunori Nishiki in the hope that I might find some good songs.
Banned for not finding out which Misfits song J Lo listens to. I suspect it's "Dig Up Her Bones".
Banned because I could only afford that one song at the time I got it. How'd you know which one it was?
Banned because he can read minds ofc.
Banned because is it possible to learn this power?
Banned because yes, but not from the banning officers. Come, join the ninjas.
Banned for wanting him to join the Ninjas for a skill i displayed after decades of daoist studies and grueling practice in Drunken Monkey Kung Fu.

J Lo: Banned because I could only afford that one song at the time I got it. How'd you know which one it was?
The screenshot displays a small part of the cover of the "American Psycho" album. The two most famous songs on that album are "American Psycho" and "Dig Up Her Bones". Given that you are canadian, i ruled out that the only Misfits song you listen to is "American Psycho".
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Banned because I don't even remember what you used to look like; nobody should ever change their image!

EDIT: I'm editing this preemptively, because I refreshed the page just before I posted and realized that I would have been ninjad, but I wanted to respond to Vinry, so screw you InSaintMonoxide (not that you did anything wrong).
Banned because Vingry used to have a knight helmet with a pointed visor as an avatar, before he turned into the rain coat knight.
Banned because thank you for the biography. One question tho, you're not gonna charge me with anything right?
Banned and charged with desertion and conspiracy. I have not forgotten about that incident where you attempted to turn everybody into a rain coat knight.
Banned for converging souls as a rain coat knight.
Banned for playing as a knight in Dark Souls.