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^ banned for preferring the appearance of Chinese women over that of Japanese women (they are both cuter, on average, than American women)
^ Banned for preferring Japanese women over American women. You have a terrible taste it seems.
Post edited September 30, 2022 by InSaintMonoxide
Banned for being a hypocrite, according to the photograph you posted beside that text.
Banned for spreading lies with actual malice about me. I never posted a photograph of a japanese woman in my life.
Banned because some of my cousins are Japanese and they both live in the cultural equivalent of a toxic waste-pit that is California.
Banned because why are you banning me for that? I don't even know if we disagree.
Banned because I'm just sayin'.
Banned because i'm not saying! I'm just saying!
Banned for not making up your mind.
^ banned because it's too late, his mind was made up long ago
Post edited September 30, 2022 by Hooyaah
Banned because yours wasn't, as is evident by your shoddily edited post. Really, really sloppy work Mr. Menmeldier, if that is in fact your real name.
Banned cauz slopiness iz ok bcaus its esier.
^ banned because numbskull ninjas demand sloppily edited posts
Banned for being an editor rather than a writer.
Banned for being a publisher rather than an editor.