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Banned for assuming that Hooyaah did do it, when clearly he didn't.
^ banned for using sound logic, unlike many of the others who employ "fuzzy logic"
Banned because one does not simply look like Ulfric Stormcloak.
Banned because Ulfric and his buddies are a bunch of terrorists.
HeresMyAccount: Banned for not realizing that I meant both, because Hooyaah's comment about the Dicks was presented in Wayne's World (if I remember correctly), but the mask in Halloween was made by turning an Ronald McDonald mask inside out.
Banned for missing information; the mask was a mold of William Shatner's face.
Banned because I would like to request some information: when is Skyrim coming to GoG?

Post edited September 29, 2022 by J Lo
Banned for playing Skyrim with the sole goal of getting married to Lydia.
Banned because I can only marry Aela. I'm a man of refined taste.
Banned for refining taste rather than just using its natural form.
Banned because I'm going to use a child marriage mod and marry the assassin vampire.
^ banned because the version of Skyrim available on GOG does not work with Mods
Banned for mocking me with lies. Even if the mod scene needs to start over from scratch, we'll find a way.
^ banned, for the way must be made, finding the path is simple
banned because the path is a lie.
^ Banned for lying down on the path, and tripping them, as they stumble along trying to find truth.