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Banned for expecting me to be able to read faces. I have autism.
Banned because the inability to read faces is a neurological disorder called prosopagnosia, not autism. You can have both.

Also, here's a cat:

Banned for giving me a cat but not making clear if i'm allowed to take it into damnation with me.
Banned for wanting pussy in hell.
Banned because there are no cats in hell but if you're lucky, one can aid you in leaving.
Banned for venturing with that cat.
Banned for watching The Venture Brothers.
Banned for not watching cat videos.
Banned for watching animal abuse videos without alerting the authorities. (Seriously, YouTube allows that shit.)
Banned for watching YouTube at all.
Banned for watching Youtube at some.
Banned for being a funeral home.
Banned for funneling homes for the dead.
^ banned for not knowing what the string of characters below represents

Banned for being a dancing owl.