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Banned for pathetically failing to turn your diabolic plan into reality. On a more positive note, you're unbanned if Hooyaah is the next person to ban me.
Banned for conspiring with Hooyaah, who you admitted is qualified evil thus means that you're evil too!

Also, here's a ban immune cat:

Banned for taking away my only chance of getting unbanned. T^T
Banned for taking away my only chance at going to the Oscars.
Post edited September 23, 2022 by J Lo
Banned for not unbanning Vinry. Anyone could do it.
Banned because there's no obligation to unban in the banning thread.
Banned because there's also no obligation to ban in the unbanning thread.
Banned for not starting an unbanning thread and instead getting drunk on schnapps you found in my garbage can. Get off my lawn!
Banned because I'll get off your lawn when you fix this damn door!
Banned because it's my door and i love it just the way it is you bigot!
Banned because I'll tell Mi Lu you're being incredibly hard to reason with if you don't fix the door!
Banned for even implying you would dare to do that! Bluff!
Banned for reminding me that I need to level up my speech skills even more to become more successful at employing bluffs during difficult situations. J Lo, you're on your own!
Banned for using me helping you improve yourself as an excuse to rid the forum of me!
Banned because >3>