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Banned because you don't know that i actually cannot stomach/ingest dairy products; especially milk. Like adult cats, i am intolerant to lactose.
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Banned for hating cows.
Banned because you didn't ban him for not mentioning that cows also can't drink milk.
Banned for saying that cows cannot drink milk because, physically, they actually can drink milk.
banned for dragging on this milk drinking cow shenanigans.
Banned for being a dorky dinosaur with those rabbit ears. *urp*
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Banned for falling back into old avatars. :)
banned for NOT falling back into old avatars :P

(I liked that one where that guy was screaming into a sandwich :D )
Banned for discriminating against Crewdroog's other old avatar/s -you forgot the avatars of the guy that was about to throw a molotov (courtesy of Banksy) and of Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers -I especially preferred the latter, and also, plus the t-rex (crewdroog's current avatars) wears the exact same rabbit ears Louise usually dons.
Banned for posing like a teapot.
banned for not wearing your skin.
banned for avatar-phobia
Banned for hating apes.
Banned because the helmet isn't repaired yet.
Banned because whenever I had the time, I had no intention, and vice versa.