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Banned for using the "chalk outline" as a visual shorthand for someplace being a shithole when nobody actually does that because photographs of the corpse are so much better.
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Banned for plugging a power cord into your mouth. That's a wrong hole.
Banned for sticking a Power Glove up your butt, even though that's the right hole for such a horrible device.
Banned because I hate that thing. I'm going to point my NES zapper at the power glove, and pull the trigger until it goes "click".
Banned for using all the early Nintendo add-ons to cosplay as the AVGN.
Banned because there are still zombies in my backyard!

EDIT: Dang it. Banned for being a ninja! Now help me kill these zombies!
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Banned for never learning how to grow plants that fight zombies.
Banned because it's nighttime and I'm running out of sun-shrooms!
Banned for taking hallucinogens.
Banned for making yourself the Emperor.
^ banned for providing the emperor with some 'very interesting' new clothes
Banned for skinning the emperor alive just because he is a racoon. I had to provide some new (not too heavy) clothes.
^ banned for insisting that I gift you the 'coon skin cap that I fashioned
Banned for thinking that it's fashionable.
Banned for being fashionably late.