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^ banned for screaming in a crowded theater during the most suspenseful moment of the feature presentation
Banned for yelling "no, it just doesn't fit" from the back row of said theater.
Banned for not elaborating on what doesn't fit.
Banned for having a clean mind.
Banned for not cleaning your brain once every few days.
^ banned for tossing a Baby Ruth candy bar into the water at the pool party
Banned for throwing away edible food.
Banned for implying there's such a thing as inedible food.
Banned because I find it disturbing how casually people dismiss food as inedible when it's clearly not.
Banned for thinking Evander Holyfield's ear is edible.
Banned for misinformation (wait this isn't MSN). It IS edible. And yum.
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Banned for using MSN messenger to get sources of protein.
Banned for thinking MSN messenger, I was talking MSN "news" article comments boards....... much worse, only get heama.... hemma...... f-it...... Nobby Stiles, from those.
Banned because I started a city on Mars in the hopes that Dejah Thoris will come visit.
Banned because "who dat?"