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Banned for being too busy for self reflection.
^ banned for not finding "Master Mirror's" reflection in the water
Banned for being a master of puppets and using smoke and mirrors.
Banned because Digimon Season 4 was under-rated and Mirrormon was a cool villain, prove me wrong.
Banned for wanting to be proven wrong.
Banned for being wrong until proven innocent.
^ banned for being innocent of being proven wrong
Banned for being wrong about thinking that you're innocent.
Banned for having your trial in the kangaroo court of public opinion.
Banned for bringing an actual kangaroo to court, to bribe the judge with a pet.
Banned for trying to court a kangaroo, by slipping some cash into its pocket.
^ banned for taking the money after the baby 'roo kicked it out of the pocket
Banned for pulling up next to the kangaroo in an unmarked white van and trying to lure the baby 'roo.
Banned because it is friday and i don't think ST0N3L3SS should have nice things.
Banned because he just needs some stones.