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Banned, because it's not looooooooooooooooooooooooong enough.
Banned for owning nothing and being happy. Game subscription services are the devil i'm telling you!!!
Banned because I agree with you. Fuck Xbox Gamepass and whatever else is a thing, I forgot.
Banned, we can't have that around here, no agreeing allowed.
Banned for dancing for so long your feet popped off. Those ballerina slippers are cursed, I tell you!
Banned for tap dancing on magma.
^ banned for laying on lava

DetouR6734: Banned, we can't have that around here, no agreeing allowed.
I can agree to that.
Post edited May 29, 2022 by Hooyaah
Banned for pretending the floor is made of lava.
Banned because you lava it that way; admit it!
Banned for liking that "I Lava You" short more than the Pixar movie it precedes. (I forget which one.)
Banned for having a short memory.
^ banned, because it's time to just forget and let it go
Banned for letting go too easily.
Banned for playing on easy mode. Turn the difficulty up to insanity like a real man.
^ banned because unbearable nightmare is the level for the true hardcore gamer these days