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Banned for not being real

Banned for not being real
Post edited May 25, 2022 by csanjuro
^ banned for being two (or too) real
Banned for not banning over the blatant double-post.
^ banned, because it could not be helped... the GOG bear attacked him
Banned because you could've beaten the GOG bear.
Banned because... "GOG-bear"? Is this one of your Earth jokes?
Banned becuase he isn't from earth
Oi! Banned because I feel offended.
Banned for having rainbow hair probably.
Banned because black hair for the win.
Banned because I have brown hair.
Banned for having racist hair.
Banned for being a racer.
Banned for not being good enough to participate in the race.
Banned for shooting the guy in front of you while racing.