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Banned for being on the nose.
Banned for thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's nose.
Banned because it's Friday and. . .ah dammit!. . .it's only Tuesday.
Banned for not checking the calendar.
Banned for enforcing calendar usage.
Banned for not respecting the calendar police's authoritha.
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Banned for killing Kenny.
Banned for excessively drinking Kilkenny.
^ banned for suggesting that any one could "drink" The City of: Kilkenny in the County of: Kilkenny in the Province of: Leinster in the Country of: Ireland
Banned for finding protoss in Aiur land.
Banned for misspelling words.
banned for being a grammar nazi
^ banned because you do "not see" the importance of grammar
Banned for not supporting grammar Nazis
^ banned for stating the opposite of an obvious reality