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Banned because I don't have nightmares.
^ banned, for when every waking moment of one's life seethes, with unrelenting, unfathomable fear, drowning one within its firm grasp, the meaning of the word "nightmare" is lost
Banned for being the nightmare itself.
^ banned for dreaming up a bogus reason to ban me
^ Banned because my toothache is finally fixed and you were no help.
Banned for not paying for your telly license.
Banned for being British
^ banned for not appreciating civil disobedience in its raw state

InSaintMonoxide: ^ Banned because my toothache is finally fixed and you were no help.
^ banned for not imbibing that efficacious nostrum which I provided to you gratis
Banned because that efficacious nostrum did not surgically remove my wisdom teeth.
^ banned, because depriving one of "wisdom" for any reason is itself unwise and a wizard practicing dentistry without a license is against numerous legal statutes
Banned for conveniently ignoring the passage in those statutes which explicitly permits wizards to practice unlicensed dentistry on Jiangshi.
Banned because my teeth are still sensitive from the dental work I got two weeks ago.
^ banned for not using Sensodyne
Banned for dining with sense.
Banned for just ignoring your dental health and only eating soft McDonalds food instead. And unbanned for the life hack.