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Banned for war crimes
Banned for waging a war on crime and then saying to the public that it's a war that can't be won.
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Banned for the crime of being the person above me.
Banned since crimes are legal for 24 hours from this moment onward.
Banned for determining the statute of limitations.
Banned for being a statue
Banned for bombing Liberty Island.
Banned for not including the Twin Towers on the skybox; HOW MUCH DID YOU KNOW?
Banned for working for Warren Spector.
Banned for working for Spectre.
Banned for writing on the wall
Banned because there was a hole here; it's gone now. What'd you do with the hole, Mr. Whiffles?
Banned because Mr. Whiffles whiffed some cocaine.
^ banned for ingesting Mr. Whiffles
Banned for locking the door that wakes to darkness, opening into nightmares.