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^ banned for not checking out this pair of boobys
Banned for making them see some stuff.
^ banned because you clicked on that hyperlink
Banned for dosing birds with LSD.
Banned for disallowing such practices.
^ banned for not being brave enough to wear that hat without wearing a mask
^ Banned since you can see Jezaille Brett's face right here.
Banned because you can see Brett Butler's face right [url=]here[/url].

EDIT: Damn it.
Post edited May 22, 2022 by HeresMyAccount
^ banned for not posting this image
^ Banned for posting a picture of Vingry without permission.
^ banned for using a photo your mother took of you as your avatar
Banned because a delivery driver showed up at my house without having my food order and I know you had something to do with it.
^ banned for not ordering it with extra cheese
Banned for some funny reason I can't remember anymore.
^ banned because, "You should never be remembered for being forgetful."