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Banned for not allowing expectations and for knowing better.
Banned for allowing expectations and for not knowing better.
Banned for discouraging measurement of probabilities and for not studying statistics.
Banned for telling me the odds when I tried to navigate an asteroid field.
Banned for ignoring said odds and getting your ship blown up, that was a damn expensive ship too!
Banned because I just wanted to share this video. (It's really good. Give it a chance.)
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Banned for not giving me a transcript in Morse code instead.
Banned for wanting to peek in Inspector Morse's diary.
Banned for naming your son Inspector Detector.
Banned for complete and utter barbarism in this mannerly place called GOG forums.
Banned for killing your son.
^ banned for patricide
Banned for wearing live starfish as a bikini.
Banned for wearing lego bikinis.
Banned for covering up boobies instead of letting them roam free.