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Banned for getting lost in pins and not banning em.
Banned for pinning it on a scoundrel who had a bad childhood.
^ banned for being an apologist for scoundrels who need to held accountable

InSaintMonoxide: Banned for not posting the Bowling For Soup version.
^ banned because HERE
Banned because he is an extremely malicious and malevolent magician.
^ banned for posting totally baseless allegations and pretending that it is "opposite day" when banning the person above you
Banned for actually posting the Bowling for Soup version and therefore robbing me of the opportunity to complain.
^ banned, because, as one of my favorite forum posters (easily top five) your happiness is important to me
Banned because as one of my favorite senile, homeless vagabonds (easily top 100), whatever can keep you from snooping through my trash is important to me.
^ banned because by selling your "trash" on the dark web, I am a millionaire
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Banned for selling weapons to the Sith Empire, never-mind you were at blaster-point!
^ banned because those weapons were rigged to destroy their users and any troops within 200 meters (unless they were within range of my secreted transceiver)
Banned because my secret weapon is a little volcano with baking soda and vinegar.
Banned for building your volcano out of Lego and throwing it in the garbage after 1 night like some kind of monster.
Banned because J Lo was probably too disgruntled at how hard the lego pieces were to be detached.

J Lo: Banned because my secret weapon is a little volcano with baking soda and vinegar.
Banned for revealing your secret weapon. What were you thinking?
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Banned for expecting people to think, you should know better!