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Banned for disgusting terminology.
Banned for vile remarks.
^ banned for being a remarkable villain
Post edited May 17, 2022 by Hooyaah
Banned for promoting villainy without the proper paperwork.
Banned for expecting a villain to first do paperwork before committing their crimes.
Banned because these aren't the CIA's offices.
Banned because in my field of work, CIA stands for "Criminally Indecisive Artillerymen". They're the kind of artillerymen who would keep calling back at the radiomen to make sure that the coordinates sent to them are accurate despite the latter already telling them yes. (Just kidding)

And for the last time, my username implies that I am a tank crew and not someone who moves an artillery literally by either a pulling or pushing motion! Apparently, only Hooyaah knows about this. =3=
Post edited May 18, 2022 by MovingArtillery
Banned for;

#1 Making me read too much about a single ban.

#2 Trying to trick us into believing your username implies you are part of a tank crew.
Post edited May 18, 2022 by DetouR6734
Banned for using numbers. Even though you are correct.
Banned for using numbers in place of letters in your username, even though your tongue is in your cheek.
Banned for having an equally unacceptable underscore in your username.
Banned for having numbers in your username, what is this? 1980?
Banned for stretching out your own username, what is this? Jet Set Radio?
Banned for beginning and ending your username with the same 3 letters.
Banned for analphabeticism.