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Banned for not exposing enough.
Banned for overexposing your photographs.
Banned for expedience of exposure.
Banned for using such complicated terminology.
Banned for deploying such competent terminators.
Banned for discriminating against assassination robots, which could be useful for cleaning up our forum.
Banned for offering me too little money to supply the forum with (DRM-free) murderbots.
Banned for soliciting.
Post edited December 17, 2021 by ST0N3L3SS
banned to reject the new internet economic model: begging
Banned because it's not bacon - it's Beggin' Strips!
Banned. We are borg. Resistance is futile.
Banned because Locutus said so.
banned cause you let the serials guiding your spirit
Banned because you let the parallels guiding your endocrine system.
^ banned because you left the principles which guided your spirit