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Banned because I always get stuck with junk words like prepositions when posting one word at a time.
Banned because prepositions have feelings too.
Banned for not explaining what kind of feelings they have.
Post edited September 11, 2021 by le_chevalier
Banned for not having the kinds of feelings that he explains.
^ banned for not having posted that as a gerund phrase
Banned for not posting the improvement.
Banned for not improving the postment (what's a postment?).
^ banned for posting a mint in your vest and referring to it as a vestment
Banned for putting something in the vestment and calling it an investment.
banned cause your door is always open to close a deal
Banned because your mind is always closed while you open the fridge... so you just keep eating bologna and nothing else.
Banned for rude and uncouth attempts to ban other users. Forsooth! I doth hearest thou mother calling thou!
^ banned nave, for thou doth speak Middle English poorly
^ Banned because so do you. Middle English is actually an entirely different language and sounds more like German.
Banned, because you speak like a high German.