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Banned for being a rotten tomato that doesn't even critique movies.
banned for being a potato with a french fry addiction
^ banned for remaining sad after being served a Happy Meal
Banned for eating a sad meal instead, and being so disappointed that it infuriated you, so you ate an angry meal.
Banned for exposing McDonald's strategy of getting repeated purchases from its customers.
Banned for not exposing what McD's products are made of.
banned for not knowing that pennywise works for mcdonalds
Banned for thinking that Bad Religion works for Burger King.
Banned for not having a profile picture after so long!!!!!!!!!
Banned for having a dumb one after even longer.
Banned for taking a dump without flushing.
Banned for taking a dump instead of leaving one. That's objectively weird.
Banned for shaming people for hoarding dumps.
^ banned for posting technical complaints on the review page
Banned for delusions of grandeur, you star you.