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banned cause you killed bill
Banned because you thrill killed.
Banned for confusing Atari Teenage Riot with My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult.
banned for admitting, just now, that you have a life with the thrill kill kult
Banned for recruiting for the Heaven's Gate cult.
Banned because the Heaven's Gate site is still up.
Banned because so is Space Jam, so what?
Banned because you get your condiments from other planets, that's what.
Banned for telling me where to get my condiments, Saturn is the best source for screaming souls of the damned. (it goes on toast)
Banned because that's too bitter for me. I prefer Mars-malade.
While I'm on this "sounds of the celestial bodies" trend, banned for thinking you could resist the humble hum of a star's heartbeat.
low rated
^ Banned for talking about star(chan)'s heart beat while our noble King Bradley is still away(likely on yon royal holiday of great renown).
Post edited August 17, 2021 by GamezRanker
^ banned because if you repeat the king's name twice more, he shall indeed appear
Banned for hyping up King Bradley as some urban legend or whatever.
Banned for urbanizing King Bradley's legend.