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Banned for referring to shrinkage as being a negative thing when it can actually have a positive impact
banned, for little boys and under-endowed men use the same flawed reasoning to comfort themselves
low rated
^ Banned for making some here likely feel "inadequate" o.0


HeresMyAccount: Banned because I just finally got around to playing Thief, and I managed to get to the end of the first mission but couldn't unlock the door, despite the fact that I was using the key that I was supposed to get, as per my objectives, and there's a check mark on the objective so I know it's the right key, but it still doesn't work. So I had to give up on that game. What idiot designers messed that up, anyway?
If you mean the keys to Bafford Manor's upper floor: even though the objective is checked, you might not have the key...such as if you dropped it(there is a drop item button) after picking it up, or if you knocked out the guard carrying the key but didn't pick the key up(off of the guard's body).

And if you have the key, you need to "use" it on the door in question(right click is default, iirc)......of course making sure you're using the correct key(some levels have multiple keys).
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^ Banned for spoilers.
Banned for not yet finishing the game.
low rated
^ Banned for not stopping to consider that that user might be a strict lawful good type, and as such averse to playing games where one has to do things like stealing
banned for stealing soybeans from rabbit of the forbidden maze
^ banned or stealing soybeans from the rabbi and the forgotten mage
^ Banned for sealing rabid boys in the forgotten bean maze.
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^ Banned for managing to make a purple notification dot appear for me without even quoting me.
^ banned for seeing spots... you really should have an ophthalmologist evaluate your vision
^ Banned for seeing Spot run.

GamezRanker, I got the key and used it on the door and nothing happened. I watched a video and skipped to the end to see how that player did it, and it looked like he had two different keys - one looked silver and the other looked copper or brass, which was the one he used, even though I only have the silver key, which is the one that I got from the guard by the well. In any case, I didn't feel like watching the whole video to see where he got the key, and I really don't feel like backtracking to before that point and doing the whole thing over again. Frankly it was a huge pain the first time trying to painstakingly avoid being seen (you can't just fight because I swear these guys can take three arrows to the face and still hack me to death with a sword!). I wish there was a repository of game files saved after each mission or critical accomplishment, so that I could just find one after that mission and load that. They should do that for all games and put it on some website. As it stands, I think I may just give up. It's too frustrating to sneak around when I can't even see my enemies or where they're coming from (top-view stealth games are much better, like Rebels Prison Escape), and frankly the map that they give you is pathetic.
^ banned because TL;DR
Banned because I agree with you.
Banned because agreeing with someone is a poor reason to ban someone.