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Banned for using Dr. Mercury's Beard Oil.
Banned for using Freddie Mercury's mustache oil.
Post edited August 02, 2021 by HeresMyAccount
^ banned for having, in the distant past, grabbed Freddy Mercury's mustache and used it to steer him as if it were were handlebars
Banned since he is jealous that no one wants to grab his bread
^ banned for wearing a ball cap in Panama instead of a jipijapa hat
Banned for vandalizing the One Piece while nobody was looking.
Post edited August 03, 2021 by LegoDnD
Banned for Tony Tony Chopper
Banned, because you haven't met Roronoa Zoro.
banned for going on a date with Roronoa Zoro
^ banned for monkeying around with Monkey D. Luffy
Banned for yanking Brook's bone.
Banned because you have (met a fictional character). And therefore must be insane.
Banned for talking to the imaginary voices that you think are on this website because you're insane.
banned cause those voices told me to ban you
Banned for listening to voices.