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^ banned for assuming that apehater didn't originally use his actual photo and that is why he was censored
Banned for not changing your name to Hoono or Hoonope.
Banned for not changing your profile picture. Express yourself through your profile picture!
Banned because I am expressing myself as a red gumdrop.
Banned for expressing yourself as a red gumdrop.
banned cause my ban-algorithm choose you as next for a ban
Banned for using an algorithm instead of deciding for yourself.
Banned because deciding for youself is so reactionary.
Banned for reacting to... THIS!
^ banned for being a red gumdrop with no taste
^ banned for setting off fireworks at two in the morning.
Banned because there's no better time to set off fireworks.
banned because it took far too long for you to post something so profoundly cool
Banned because you did not define your definition of long, meaning to you it could have been a second, a year, or even a decade
Banned because it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.