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^ banned for highlighting an already apparently ironical post
Banned because there is not post highlighted in yellow, blue, pink, or green.
Banned for mixing three colors that clash, and everyone's banned for confusing irony with sarcasm.
Banned because I mixed 4 colors that are clashing to be the King of the Hill and you get another ban for banning the entirety of the world that does not participate in this thread, including old historical figures and new born babies. You must use you bans wisely my friend!
Post edited July 31, 2021 by BookCrazy
low rated
^ Banned for missing the letter r in the word "Your" in your last sentence
Banned for not saying, " you last sentence."
Banned for sentencing me to death. I didn't even commit a crime.
banned, yet the death sentence is rescinded
Banned for saving my life.
Banned for not appreciating having their life saved.
Banned for having psychic powers in that one episode when Tentacool/cruel never did that. What psychic moves can they even learn?
The move you're looking for here is Stink Eye.

While we're at it, banned for questioning the psychic damage that stink eye can inflict.
banned for giving explanation bout stink eye
banned so you have time to get an avatar, banning others without an avatar is just sooo rude
Banned for assuming that Lords3 doesn't use his real photo for his avatar.