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Banned because it wasn't my fault!
banned because it was San Andreas fault
Banned because San Andreas fell into the Mariana Trench.
Banned because did everyone in the Bible-Belt watch it tumble across the sky, how else would that work?
Banned for violating the Hong Kong human rights and democracy act.
banned for banning without a ban license
Banned for banning the whole website by putting a red circle and slash on it.
Banned for stabbing me in the kishkes.
Banned for having kishkes instead of a squeegely-spooch.
Banned because Liam Neeson in "The Grey" hasn't eaten decent in days.
Banned for starving Liam Neeson!
Banned for getting taken with Liam Neeson.
Banned for not enjoying the films of Leslie Nielson.
Banned, so you can make your own parody of a Leslie Nielson film titled "GOG: Banned and Loving It".
Banned for trying to make a parody of a parody.