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Banned because Ryan started the dumpster fire.
Banned for throwing gasoline onto the burning dumpster.
banned cause you didn't start the fire
Banned because the fire was burning since the world was turning!
Banned for posting lyrics I'm not familiar with.
low rated
Banned for not knowing previously of such an awesome song
Unbanned once you finish your "homework"(i.e. listening to said song)
Post edited May 13, 2021 by GamezRanker
Banned for unbanning someone in a ban game.
Banned for thinking I would adhere to a ban.
Banned for not expecting that I'd use Gorilla Glue to attach you to a ban.
Banned for fighting a guerrilla war using hot glue guns.
banned cause you like to move it
banned for not liking to move it
Banned for not telling me what we are moving.
banned cause you're pushing it instead of moving it
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Banned for getting salt and pepper in your hair.