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Banned for exposing the truth.
Banned for covering up the truth!
banned cause the truth is out there
Banned because to each their truth.
Banned for implying that truth is subjective.
Banned for denying everyone an entitlement to their own truthiness.
banned to please the ban-gods
Banned for pleasing the ban-gods!
Banned for pleasing the ban-gods unwillingly.
Banned, as another human sacrifice for the ban-gods. "Will you reward me now for my loyality?!?"
Banned because the ban-gods told me to develop more giant robot minions for them.
Banned for commanding a core.
Banned for commanding and conquering.
Banned for drawing graffiti on the forum walls.
Banned like that ACAB sticker I peeled of my treasure-chest dumpster and threw inside it.