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Banned because the police had explained it to him.
banned, because The Police had a "Sting" operation
Banned because Sting no longer has a thing with The Police.
Banned because that all sucks anyway. Pantera is better.
Banned because I once saw Pantera live. At one point, Kerry King walked out on stage and played a riff with them. It was pretty awesome.
^ banned for not seeing Johnny Winter live
Banned because Donna Summer is pretty awesome singing I Feel Love...
^ banned for falling in love with Leeloo
Banned for falling in love with Leela
banned for posting external links
Banned for using existential sinks.
banned, for looking like an enemy in a Kirby game.
Banned because you don't look like a saint.

(I have a feeling the person after is going to ban me for a similar reason)
banned, for being suspected of having "helmet hair"
Banned because I was expecting a "Banned because you don't look like a knight" kind of ban.