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Banned because I don't think that a phrase can technically contain a comma.
Banned because not using enough commas can put someone in a coma.
Banned because that's better than being dead from overdosing on commas.
Banned for putting animals to sleep. Coma Chameleon...
^ Banned for clubbing people over the head with culture.
Banned for being insensitive towards the culture of cave men.
banned, for caving in to man's culture of insensitivity
^ Banned, for overusing the word "fora".
Banned for not lending me a fiver...
Banned for not having paid back the fiver I lent you 142 years ago in a previous life.
Post edited April 18, 2021 by Gromuhl
Banned for scamming the undead.
Banned for... braaaaaaaiiins!
Banned because Imhotep makes me cry for my mummy.
^ banned, because Nefertiti died of a ruptured bladder
Banned for suspiciously knowing the details of her death.