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Banned for tokenizing text to prepare it for the parser.
Banned, for Tolkienizing Hooyaah's avatar.
Banned for Crofting new words.
Banned because Flo sound a silly name for a king...
Banned for insulting our king.
banned, for just going with the Flo
Banned for letting the flow take away your house.
banned, for having a crush on Flo of insurance fame
Banned for mimicking Hooyaah. He's banned as you may know...
Banned because for all we know, you could also be mimicking MightyFloTheKing. What happened to the real one? Perhaps you might've slit his throat during his sleep.

Post edited April 08, 2021 by Vingry
Banned for not calling me as well. As a lord it is my duty to aid the royal line in troubled times. Now, MightyFloTheKing's imposter, where is the real MightyFloTheKing?
Banned because EPLU isn't a catchy acronym.
banned, for converting members' forum titles to acronyms
Banned for converting acronyms to antonyms.
Banned for transforming J Lo into a raccoon.