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Banned because I don't eat red meat.
Banned for for being online when I'm not and saying it before me.
Banned for standing on the moon and not letting me admire it in peace from the comfort of my balcony.
banned for being a cuck
^ Banned for kink shaming.
Banned, for the shameful act of shaming the shamer
Banned for picking up a bottle labeled "sham poo" and then using its contents to wash your hair.
Banned for using sham to wash your hair.
Banned, for using a scam to steal le_chevalier's hair.
Banned for jealousy.
Banned for posting just before I was ready to post.
Post edited January 19, 2021 by Krooked_
Banned for not being prepared.
mk2.jpeg (72 Kb)
Banned for not studying for the math test.
Banned because math is useless anyway.
^ You should be banned, because your avatar is an image of a racoon using math, specifically, counting on its fingers while you dare to post how "math is useless." Regrettably, I cannot (without math) tell you for what period of time you are to be banned.