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Banned for letting a disease use a disinfectant on you, thus killing you so that the germs can be clean.
Banned for stealing all the gems after the unfortunate disinfectant incident.
Banned because that's what any RPG players would do. Gotta rummage them bodies!
Post edited January 14, 2021 by Vingry
^ Banned, for looting the poster above you
Banned for throwing baseless allegations at the user above you.
Weil ich's gesagt habe, DARUM!
Post edited January 14, 2021 by Frischi
Banned for not speaking the cousin language of your language. It's more popular than yours.
^ Banned, for making a statement about the popularity of a language without backing it up with statistical data.
^ Banned for requesting legally protected data.
Banned for grinning and winking stupidly.
Banned, for grinning and winking at random people on the street (and not wearing a mask)
Banned for giving out a valid reason to ban someone.
Banned, because you wear that helm to hide the fact that you're asleep most of the time.
Banned for calling a kettle black, even though you're a pot.
Banned, for missing your calling